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This is a fun game that uses tarot to wonderfully create a vibe. 

I printed this and everything looks great except for the tables. They are pixelated like the tables are graphics. Is this the case?

No, not at all. The tables are just that, tables, and the text shouldn’t be rasterized anywhere in the book. I’ll make some edits this weekend to the printer friendly version and remove the tables. Thanks for the heads up!

I took pics so you can see what I see. The pixeled pic is in focus.

I printed out a copy and found the same thing, yeah! I wonder what happened— the font inside the tables is exactly the same font as the body text.

I just got back from a day trip with my toddler, but in a couple of hours I’ll update the file. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

No problem! The other art and layout is impeccable so I was pretty sure this was not the result you were looking for.

It super duper wasn't! I have fixed the issue, you're a saint for pointing it out.

Who did the Art?! was it you? its very good

Thank you! Each piece of art in Moonlight Necromancy is a blend of my own hand drawings and some photo-bashing of some AI stuff.


I may be the exact sort of person who would enjoy a “necromancer in space” solo journaling game (n.b. I am also working on one), but if you are that same sort of person, then you will be giddy with delight at the quality and care that went into producing this one. (5 stars)