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You are a necromancer's apprentice. You were born with a body and spirit that are at odds with one another. The more you learn about necromancy, the more you realize you have the power to make your outsides match your insides. You have reached a breaking point. 

Unfortunately, your magic has limitations, and this endeavor is taking its toll on you. You must fight if you want to live as your true self before your humanity is stripped away.

BODY TO DIE FOR is a solo journaling game about a transgender necromancer striving to live a fully realized life before they succumb to undeath.

This is an early-access, but fully playable version of the game. The Bare Bones edition is 20 pages long, black and white and very printer friendly. 

Please be advised that this game contains themes of body horror and dysmorphia.

A huge thanks to my big brother Lawrence, who always catches my typos.
Another huge thanks to Zarwid (https://zarwid.itch.io/) who had many interesting insights about safety and trans-necro dynamics. 


Buy Now$3.50 USD or more

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Such a good game idea !!!