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There is a quiet spot in the centre of the Veluwe forest. The moss is soft and the air is sweet. This place calls to you:

"Rest here, seeker. Feed the trees with your blood. Allow your earthly body to become one with the loam."

This innermost grove is the source of your magic. 

Your spirit is bound to the soil, but your body may regenerate and wander. Your flesh will regrow in this sacred place until this inner circle is defiled by rot or your soul shatters. 

Defend your grove or be profoundly destroyed.

Fallow Ground is a table-top roleplaying game that draws from the folklore of the lowlands. Spells are open-ended and combat is deadly. There are no levels, but your statistics improve as you purge horrors and rot. 

The file is exclusively black and white, and is relatively print-friendly.

The game is easily adaptable. It is designed to run hexcrawls for solo play, 1x1, or for small groups. 

This version of the game contains a complete system and setting.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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