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You are a WEIRD RIDER, an extraordinary person on a mission to preserve life in the Endtimes of Canada. You have a psychic link to an even more remarkable creature known as a HALF-LIFE MOOSE. Most people have never seen a half-life animal before, and often react with fear. This is a pretty reasonable response! Your mount looks like blind moose with a terminal case of mange. They are actually stubborn, demi-immortal, flesh-eating mutants who are drawn to danger like moths to flame. When you die your mount will probably eat you. If they do, you will live on inside your mount as part of the chorus of other weird riders who died for the cause. Your voice will guide the next rider, and so on, until something takes out your mount for good. 

PSYCHIC UNDEAD MOOSE RIDERS is a post-apocalyptic Canadian Western system. This is the micro edition-- my attempt to condense the vibe of a significantly larger, as-yet-unreleased, and completely untested project onto the front and back of a single page. 

This mini system is heavily influenced by, but is in no way affiliated with, Tuesday Knight Games' PANIC ENGINE which is probably familiar to anyone who has played MOTHERSHIP. This isn't nearly as graceful as that but an homage was made, you know?

It is black and white and is designed to be printed double-sided on an 8.5x11 page. (Don't forget to cut along the dotted line between the grey circles and fold it up like this!) If you print it and fold it up it turns into a mini-zine that fits in your pocket!

I have also included a version of this game you can read without folding: the "right side up" version. That file is not suitable for zine-folding.

To play this game you will need a full set of dice, including 2d10s.

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AuthorShouting Crow
Tagscanadian, d100, One-page, Tabletop role-playing game, weird, Western


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sounds very Hiero's Journey inspired!


HOLY GUACAMOLE how did I miss this incredibly important post-apocalyptic Canadian media?! Uh, yeah, it's a lot like Hiero's Journey. I had never even heard of it, but the similarities are super obvious. Thank you! I have some reading to do.

Hiero's Journey was exactly what I thought of when I saw the name of the game.

Lots of cool stuff in this tiny game! I wanna have a connection with a half-life moose!


Thanks! There's a lot more coming, it was really hard to compress the essence of the full game down into a two-sided page!